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LED Slim light panel
LED Track light
LED Gas Station Light



Visual Fire Alarm Unit
Fire Flashing Light(LED Type) - AB150

• Mini size design.
• 5W high power LED with lifespan up to 50,000 hours.
• Low current consumption.(30mA)
• Clear lens with red flash stipulated by HKFSD.
• Self synchronization without any facility needed.


T5 & T8 Microwave Sensor LED Batten

• Surface Mount / Suspend Mount
• Built-in Needle Antenna Microwave Sensor (On-Off function)
• 5.8GHz, ISM wave band
• Detecting Radius 4-6m (Mounting height 3m)
• Selectable Holding Time: 5s/30s/90s/5min/20min/30min
• Selectable Daylight Sensor: 2lux/10lux/30lux/50lux/disable
• Selectable Detection Sensitivity: 100%/75%/50%/25%


LED Downlight Module Series

• Module Design with different ring selection.
• Easy replacement and maintenance,change the module only in case of failure.
• Module 7W and 12W are available.
• High Quality Die-cast Aluminium Heat Sink ensuring the LED chip will not be damaged.
• Module are available with different beam angle 15° / 24° / 36°.


  LED Curtain light  

Weatherproof Neon LED Light Ribbon - IP67

• High brightness with Epistar 2835 chips
• Wide angle SMD LED used, making the light output smooth and even.
• Continuous length flexible led strips 5m/reel.
• Available color, red, green, blue, white and warm white color.


Battery Charger Unit

Model: AB2405/AB2410/AB2415/AB2420/AB2430/AB2440/AB2450/AB2460/AB2470
• Battery Charger Unit for Fire Alarm System
• LCD Display to report faulty messages and fire signal or emergency signal
• S.L.A. / Ni-Cd / Ni-MH batteries chargable
• Individual Output Terminal Overload Monitoring
• Output voltage selectable
• Built-in Automatic Trickle Charge Facility
• Battery mode to start up charger unit


Combined LED MR16 Spotlight Emergency Kit

Model: LP-172-CV / LP-192-CV
• Power : 7W / 9W
• No Electronic Ballast Needed.
• Retrofit Series
• Constant 12vdc output in normal condition.
• 2 hours emergency backup with Ni-MH battery.
• Tested in accordance with latest local requirement PPA/104(A) (4th Revision).


Combined LED Downlight Emergency Kit


• No LED Driver is needed for the LED spotlight.
• Up to 3 hours Emergency backup for any LED downlight up to 20W
• Optional 30 days auto test is available as stipulated in BS5299.


Emergency 30W - 60W LED Flood Light - IP65

Model: DS4-L30B / DS4-L50B /DS4-L60B
Power : 30W / 50W / 60W
Battery Backup Duration: 2/ 3 Hours


Remote Indication Plate for :

- Detector inside Lockable Rooms
- Detector inside Ceiling Voids
- Detector inside Floor Voids

• ABS Fire resistant materials
• Indication light in red color
• Input : 6V-12Vdc Max. 10mA


High Quality LED Spotlight

Model: DLED-SH226 / DLED-SH228
• Power : 5W / 12 W
• 220-240Vac 50/60Hz input
• Color Temp. : 2700K / 3000K / 4000K / 5500K
• High CRI 80/90 selectable


Recess Mount Angle Adjustable LED Downlight

Model: DLED-121
Power : 10W LED
Input : 220-240Vac 50/60Hz
Color Temp. : 3000K - 5000K


LED COB Downlight

• Compatible with 0-10v daylight sensor.
• Zonal luminaires dimmable either by 0-10V or DALI dimmable driver

  bulkhead light  

5W LED Emergency Luminaires

• 5W LED sole spot luminaires
• High quality SAMSUNG LED chips
• Minimum 50,000 Hours lamp life
• Non-Maintained type
• Change over complete in less than 1 second


High Quality LED Spotlight

Model: DLED-M228 / DLED-M228A/ DELD-M228B
• Power : 20W / 30 W / 40W
• 220-240Vac 50/60Hz input
• Color Temp. : 2700K / 3000K / 4000K / 5500K
• High CRI 80/90 selectable



LED Light panel

Super thin and super light
Professional thermal design which can be recessed, surface mount or suspended.
Operating life: 50,000 hours
Material: Aluminum alloy + Optics acrylic
LED chips: SMD
Lamp power: LED 12W, 40W, 36W and 58W
Input current: AC 90 ~ 260V
LED color: Warm white, Natural white and cool white
Total lumen output: 800 ~ 3700 lm


HIGH POWER LED Flood Light / Stadium Light

Model: DS7 Series
• High quality Philips 3030 SMD LED chips
• High luminous efficiency: 145lm/W (165lm/W available upon request)
• Scientifically-designed heat dissipator
• 1060 aluminum alloy, anti corrosion
• High transmittance optic lens: 20°/40°/60°/90°/140° x 100°


Microwave Sensor T8 LED Tube


• Model: T806120AL-16H-D / T812240AL-16H-D / T815300AL-16H-D
• Power : 9W, 18W, 22W
• 220-240Vac 
• Dimming function design, up to 85% energy saving.
• Stable detection sensitivity
• Passed 3.75kV high-pot test.


Adjustable Recess mount LED COB Spotlight

• Elegant housing design.
• Japanese Citizen LED Chips.
• Spot angle adjustable.
• Built-in constant current LED driver.
• Up to 3 lights.
• Various beam angle available 15°/ 24°/ 36°/60°

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