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LED Gas Station Light


One of the biggest reasons for switching from conventional tubelights to LED battens is less energy consumption. Also, it's environment friendly.

LED Batten: An Ultimate Guide to Help You Choose the Best

Struggling to choose the best light for your home? Looking for affordable and energy efficient lighting options? Seeking ways to reduce your energy bills? Well if the answer to all said questions is in a big yes then plan to replace your conventional tubelight with LED batten.

LED battens are way batter then conventional tubelights when it comes to efficiency and durability.

Conventional tubelights gained extensive adoption because of their decent endurance over incandescent bulbs. But this is not the case anymore. LED battens have now taken the lighting industry by storm. Let’s dig a bit deeper and check the benefits of LED battens compared to conventional tubelights.

Energy Efficient

One of the biggest reasons for switching from conventional tubelights to LED battens is less energy consumption. LED battens consume less electricity, thus less energy bills you will have to pay. Researchers suggest that switching to LED can help you save maximum of 80% of your energy bills.

Cooler, Safer Forever

Unlike those old conventional tubelights, LED battens maintain the cold temperature. They do not heat up. Apart from that, LED Battens are not emitting ultraviolet radiations like fluorescent lights which have become a big menace for many people now. Moreover, LED battens are not producing any blue waves, resulting in relaxed brain and increase in productivity.


The average lifespan of a conventional tubelight is max 3-4 years, but LED Battens are durable in nature. Unlike other lights, they provide a constant amount of light which can last up to 10-15 years. As conventional tubelights get dim with time, there is no such problem with LED battens.


LED Battens does not contain any harmful substance as of conventional lights. LEDs are free of mercury, making them a suitable option when it comes to disposal. As the lifespan of LEDs are much more than conventional lights, there is no more concern regarding disposing of these lights.

Lighting Performance

In conventional tubelights, the quality of brightness found to degrade over time but LED battens are efficient enough to maintain their level of brightness throughout their lifespan. In conventional tubelights, you may witness flickering and chocking also, but this is not the case with LED battings.


In terms of installation, LED battens can be easily installed, whether you want them on the wall or ceiling. Your room will not look messy with the dangling of extra wires as in conventional tubelights. Thus, LEDs make your place more contemporary and stunning.

LED battens are available in various variants, leading to enhance the aesthetic proportion of your place in a matter of seconds. You can choose in between 1 foot to 5 foot. LEDs not only look modish or slim but also are efficient to change their CCT.

Best of all, LED battens occupy less space than conventional light. They shine brighter throughout their lifespan. As a result, there is no need to worry about darkening or yellowing of lights.

IP Rating

It is considered for indoor and outdoor options. If you want to install LED in outdoor areas the going with IP65 would be suitable. However, for indoor LED installation, both IP65 and IP20 can work well.


The above guide has listed all the benefits of choosing LED Battens. LEDs are super practical option to consider when comes to enjoy a real bright light with wide beam angles.

Now, the decision is all yours. Whether you want to start saving from today only by opting the right choice or will still struggle paying high energy bills to bright your home or workplace.

  LED  Lamp    
  R7S LED Lamp
Model : LPL-RS7
Power : 6W LED
Input : 220V~240Vac 50/60Hz

Lamp base : G53
Color temp. : Warm white / Natural white /
                    Cool white
  R7S LED Lamp
Model : LPL-RS13,  LPL-RS15,  LPL-RS17
Power : 12W, 14W, 17W LED
Input : 220V~240Vac 50/60Hz

Lamp base : G53
Color temp. : Warm white / Natural white /
                    Cool white
  PL-S LED Tubes
Mode l: LPL4-P series
Power : 10W, 15W, 20W and 25W
Input : 90V~260V

Lamp base : 2G11, 2G7, G23
Color temp. : 2700~6000K

  LED T5 / T8 Tube    
new product T8 Glass LED Tubes new product220V T5 Glass Tube new product T5 LED Retrofit Glass Tube
    Compatible with Electronic ballast
跟 T5 電子鎮流器使用
LED_tube_T8 LED_tube_T5 LED_tube_T5

T8 LED Tube
Power : 10~24W LED
LED chips : 2835 SMD LED Chips
Color temp. : 3000K 4000K 6000K
Input voltage : 220~240Vac 50/60Hz

T5 LED Tube
Power : 9~22W LED
LED chips : SMD Epistar LED chips
Color temp. : 3500K - 6500K
Input voltage : 220~240Vac 50/60Hz

T5 LED Glass Tubes
Power : 8~20W LED
LED chips : SMD Epistar LED chips

Color temp. : 3500K - 6500K
Input voltage : 220-240Vac

new product new product new product
LED_tube_T8 LED_tube_T5 LED_microwave_sensor_tube

Microwave Sensor T8 LED Tube
Power : 10W 18W 22W LED
Hold time : 30 second
Detection range : Ø20 x 10 meters
Input voltage : 220-240Vac

T8 LED Retrofit Tubes For T5 Fluorescent Batten
Power : 9~23W LED
Lamp base : G5
Color temp. : 3500K - 6000K
Input voltage : 220Vac


  T5 & T8 LED Batten    
new product new product new product Microwave Sensor LED Batten
led_slim_integral_fixutre T5_T8_led_batten T5_T8_led_batten
  Dimmable / Non-dimmable
LED Slim Integral Batten
110V~220V 50/60Hz AC supply
High quality "2835 SMD" LED chips


  IP65 Weatherproof LED Tri-Proof Light  
  LED Tri-proof Batten
Power:20W 30W 40W 50W 60W 70W 80W 90W 120W



  T5 & T8 LED Weatherproof Batten - IP65  
  T5 & T8 LED weatherproof batten
c/w optional motion sensor - IP65

Polycarbonate body and diffuser
High quality "Epistar" LED chips
Color Temp. : 2700K - 6500K


























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