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Brilliant|a&b Emergency Lighting System and Exit Signs

Brilliant lighting ( a&b Emergency Lighting) offer emergency lighting system, including exit signs, LED panel lights, LED downlights and emergency power pack. We export high quality lighting products from Hong Kong.

Brilliant Lighting Present -Unveil the Quadrangular Deployment Areas of Emergency Lighting System

In today’s fast paced world, electricity stands as the spinal cord of any successful organization. In fact, intermittent power cuts are not only irritating, but also cause hindrances in the natural workflow of an individual or even a company. So, to eradicate such inconsistencies, an emergency lighting system appears to be the silver lining.

A brief insight –

Considering the universal definition, emergency lights are rechargeable battery sources providing backup in case of load shedding or unprecedented power cuts. These modern iterations are different in the fact that, these are wall mounted, fitted to the AC voltage and provide a power backup of 2 – 3 hours on an average.

In addition to corporate spaces, emergency lights find significant use in other areas including fire exits, natural calamity recovery procedures as well as construction or demolition purposes. So, enlisting here are types of emergency lights and their genre wise deployment.

1.Emergency Exit Signs:

The primary motive of emergency exit signs is to provide a safe escape to individuals in life threatening situations. Circumstances such as a fire outbreak may cause short circuits leading to a terminal power cut. Moreover, considerable amounts of smoke can cover the alleys and passage ways leading to visual constrictions.

In such situations, these exit signs play a crucial. Being studded with backup cells, these luminaires provide the necessary directions to inhabitants guiding them through a safe exit route. Moreover, being painted with glowing vinyls, these emergency signs also enhance visibilities even in smoky corridors.

2.A & B lights:

An A & B emergency light finds multifarious involvements varying from a restaurant to a rescue hotspot. Essentially, these lights come with two bulbs (hence the name) and comprise of LED power houses that provide the necessary illumination.

Moreover, their twin bulbs exhibit a parallel connection. Thus, if one bulb is tripped, the other continues to provide power making them an efficient emergency lighting system.

3.LED panel lights:

As mentioned earlier, emergency lights find the most use in office premises. Courtesy their backup capabilities of 2-3 hours, they prove to be crucial in case of unexpected power cuts. However, most offices make use of LED panels which provide two fold efficacies. It acts as a normal light and provides back up as well.

Such customizability options increases the deployment area of such LED panels thereby increasing their Point of Sales (PoS). However, it is advisable to procure quality products so as to ensure the best or brilliant lighting standards.

4.LED pool light:

Used mainly for decorative purposes, LED pool lights suffice to safety needs as well. Considering swimming pools, proper underwater lighting is essential to maximize security. In this respect, LED pool lights come in handy in providing a clear underwater view in case of a power cut.

So, the above four points are a clear indication of the application areas where emergency lighting system emerges to be the life savour. So, if you are looking to make your corporate ground (say) a safe space, then getting hold of reliable and efficient emergency luminaires is imperative.

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LED wall light

Elegant Design COB LED Step Light

Product Features :
• Elegant Housing Design

• Built-in High Quality“Epistar”COB type LEDs
Over 82 CRI
Easy Installation
Voltage: AC110-265V, 50/60Hz
• Warm white, Natural white & Cool white
• Lifespan: 50000 hours
• Materials: Flame resistant ABS

LED wall light

Hotel Series High Quality LED Spotlight


Product Features :
• The LED downlight adopts a new generation COB.
• Recess mounted design for false ceiling installation
• Constant current power supply
• High quality CREE LED chips
• High efficiency and energy saving
• Aluminium Casting with clear cover
• High CRI 80/90 selectable
• Extremely low maintenance cost
• No UV radiation

LED wall light

Ceiling Mount LED Bulkhead
available with microwave motion sensor

Product Features :
• Suitable for surface and wall installation

• High Quality“Sharp”COB type LEDs
CE, LVD, EMC compliant
Easy Installation
Voltage input : 90-260Vac, 50/60Hz
• Warm white, Natural white & Cool white
• Lifespan: 50000 hours

LED Spotlight 9W

  LED Flood Light / Stadium Light  
Product Features :
• High quality Philips 3030 SMD LED chips
• High luminous efficiency: 145lm/W (165lm/W available upon request)
• Scientifically-designed heat dissipator
• 1060 aluminum alloy, anti corrosion
• High transmittance optic lens: 20°/40°/60°/90°/140° x 100°
• Reliable Meanwell LED driver, stable and efficient performance.
• Power factor >0.95
• Adjustable projection angle
• Surge protection
• IP65 waterproof protection
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